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Samson was a Lover
Jonas Friddle - Guitar, Vocals
Anna Jacobson - Fiddle, Vocals
Gerald Dowd - Drums
Andrew Wilkins - Bass
Steve Doyle - Dobro

Samson was a lover, though he killed a thousand men
sweet as any honey pulled from a lion’s head
hard as any jawbone, but when it came to a woman’s bed
Samson was a lover and this is what he said

what would I do for love?
what would I do for love?
would I do what I have to, just like everybody does?
what would I do for love?

Samson was a fox catcher and a fire starter too
he struck his match at the Philistines and laid them in their tombs
but the fire in his heart did his own mind consume
and I can feel that heat darling when I’m next to you

Delilah had linen and leather in her room
and water filled the bottle that once held perfume
she smelled just like the evening in the afternoon
and as she dressed herself she sang this little tune


Samson was a lover and it made his mind forget
till he heard the sound of silver as she asked for his secret
he lied like a school boy till at last he did relent
Samson had a lover who took a razor to his head

Samson was a lover and love is famous blind
and though they took his body prisoner it was Delilah ruled his mind
you might call him a martyr, you might say suicide
Samson was a lover and like a lover cried


I’ve heard this story a thousand times and still I look at you
and wrap the question around my wrists, what would I do?
if you asked me for my secret, I’d tell you darling true
Samson was a lover and I’d be the same for you