1. Adding Machine

From the recording The Last Place To Go


Adding Machine

Jonas Friddle - Guitar, Vocals
Anna Jacobson - Fiddle, Vocals
Evan Jacobson - Drums, Keys
Andrew Wilkins - Bass
Steve Doyle - Electric Guitar

it's been a long time since I've seen a clock on the wall
and I certainly never expected your call
but it's just like you to stop by after all of this time

the food is pretty good at the corner Café
But you're picking like you've something you want to say
if you could would you please get it out of the way before the check arrives

time makes nothing better it seems
your heart ticks away like an adding machine
and is gotten so high I could never get clean
it seems you never did, no you never did
forgive me

I'm fine thanks for asking how about you?
are you here for a conference or just passing through
yes the city is nice and they're so much to do, you should probably get going

you reach for a picture like you're pulling a gun
here's my kids where's your kids Oh you didn't have none?
the smokes in the air but clearly you’ve won, are you happy now?


I reach for the check out of habit I guess
I clear my throat and I wish you the best
and I head for the door just like the last time I left, smiling and free