1. Cookie Jar

From the recording The Last Place To Go


Cookie Jar
Jonas Friddle - Guitar, Vocals
Anna Jacobson - Fiddle, Vocals
Jason Toth - Drums
Andrew Wilkins - Bass
Steve Doyle - Electric Guitar
Carl Kennedy - Piano

they’re making fun of mormons on a broadway national tour
while the tabernacle choir headlines inauguration day
I didn't vote for him did you? If we didn't vote for him then who?
And oooh baby, I don't know what to say

who took the cookie from the cookie jar
who's in charge here anyway
everybody's yapping and carrying on
but they don't know what to say

they done gone and said it on the radio edit, had to beep it on the NPR
said I knew they were crazy but I never knew they'd go this far
the coffee shop has spilled its beans, the taco stand is on its ears
the bookstore’s crying but it's been doing that for years


I was watching Johnny Abbey play a set at the back of the bar
when the polls rolled in and stole the microphone
and you never saw so many tall people in a good neighborhood
looks so scared of walking home alone