1. Cuba Outta JFK

From the recording The Last Place To Go


Cuba Outta JFK
Jonas Friddle - Guitar, Vocals
Anna Jacobson - Vocals
Andrew Wilkins - Bass
Evan Jacobson - Keys

we were cold war babies we love us a good news reel
check the NASDAQ market if you want to know how I feel
I wore my air Jordans like they were my Sunday shoes
your daddy looked like Tom Brokaw my mama sang the Sunday news

life's been different since we dropped the bomb
now who cares what side we're on I got to get away
I'm headed down to Cuba and flying out of JFK

all the star wars babies if they wanted they can use the force
grew up too to finalize their own divorce
got 40 years of debt for four years of liberal arts
got an iceberg of regret, to titanic Noah's Ark


you want my money honey here you can have it all
call it a souvenir baby, a piece of the Berlin wall
I ain’t a sympathizer but I reckon I can reconcile
maybe we can too, but maybe we should wait a while