1. Dirty South

From the recording The Last Place To Go


Dirty South

Jonas Friddle - Guitar, Vocals
Anna Jacobson - Fiddle, Vocals
Jason Toth - Drums
Andrew Wilkins - Bass
Carl Kennedy - Organ

lightning bends the flag pole, we were watching from the screen porch
the storm took the topsoil, and muddied up the water
the Scuppernong river, home of the cotton mouth
talking bout the dirty south

Caroline stood next to me with a bucket full of strawberry
fingertips red and sweet, we stood in the July heat
she ran her fingers drew stains on the hem of her blouse
talking bout the dirty south

kick it up it’ll settle down
once your boots pick up southern ground
ain’t no water gonna wash it out
talking bout the dirty south

don’t give your mama no lip, pick your own hickory switch
weather blew the gutter of the shed roof in, ain’t nothing that papa can’t fix
mind what you say, or mama’s gonna wash your mouth,
talking bout the dirty south

tore down the old home place, nothing left but the wrought iron rails
kick around the gravel and nails, you can still hear amazing grace
a dusty hallelujah from the church where I took a vow
talking bout the dirty south


when the rain is done the red clay looks like rust
the sun’ll be out, turn it into dust
open the door, step into the clouds
talking bout the dirty south