From the recording The Last Place To Go


Drinking in a Dry Town
Jonas Friddle - Guitar, Vocals
Anna Jacobson - Fiddle, Vocals
Jason Toth - Drums
Andrew Wilkins - Bass
Steve Doyle - Dobro
Carl Kennedy - Piano

Rocks at my window, bottle in your hand
You stole it from your brother now there you stand
You don't have to tell me, I already knew
Your cousin told my sister and the whole town too

And you ask me do I want to get out of here?
Throw glass at the train tracks scream at the engineer

And drink till the moon start swimming around
Standing in the tunnel, staring the trains down
There's at least two ways a body can drown
Getting tossed in the ocean, and drinking in a dry town

The high school counselor graduated Pennsylvania state
kept you after class to ask if you're okay
And I see them standing in the parking lot
They're calling you a faggot and it ain't going to stop

And a six pack will cost you a trip across the County line
Got to grab a case if you want to last all night


In Madison County there's a liquor store
With fluorescent lights and a plate glass door
And it shines like a TV, when the sky goes dark
And people see each other for what they are

But back around here it’s doors shut and blinds down
Everybody's hiding drinking in a dry town