From the recording The Last Place To Go


The Last Place to Go
Jonas Friddle - Guitar, Vocals
Anna Jacobson - Trumpet, Vocals
Jason Toth - Drums
Andrew Wilkins - Bass
Steve Doyle - Electric Guitar
Carl Kennedy - Organ

Outside the tent the signs were all mad
inside the tent the clowns were all sad
The seats were half empty as the ringmaster took the last bow

There was candy and popcorn stuck on the shoes
It was just one reporter stuck with the news
And with the voice of my mother he asked me what I would do now

How am I supposed to run away now,
they've taken the last place to go
Some folks have homes in the city,
mine was the show on the road

Gravel would fly off the back of my bike
Peddling circles most every night
Through spotlights of TVs through trailer park windows were blue

But dreams are like whiskey in a cheap paper cup
You've got to drink it all down before it burns up
and drops through the bottom landing all over your shoes


The trapeze artist lies in his net
The fire breather lights cigarettes
makes Bets with the stuntman where the trick pony ends up

The Florida plains have a new sound
the crying of trumpets shaking the ground
the elephants are free, and me I’m shit out of luck