From the recording Jug Band Happy Hour


That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away (Charlie McCoy)

Woke up this morning, found something wrong
My lovin’ babe had caught that train and gone
Now won’t you starch my jumper, iron my overalls
I’m gonna catch that train they call the Cannonball

Mister Depot Agent shut your depot down
The woman I’m lovin’ she’s fixin’a blow this town
Now that mean old fireman,the cruel old engineer
Gonna take my baby, and leave me lonesome here

There ain’t no telling what that train won’t do
It’ll take your baby, run right over you
Now that engineer man oughta be ashamed of himself
Take women from their husbands, babies from their mother’s breast

I was walking down the track where the stars refuse to shine
Felt like every minute was going to lose my mind
Now my knees were weak, my footsteps was all I heard
Felt like every minute I was stepping in another world