From the recording Jug Band Happy Hour


Pictures of Birthdays

Pictures of birthdays hung in the hall
Tic tac toe on the bedroom wall
Marks on the doorway to show how tall
All around, all around
All just hanging around

High school dropouts behind the mall
Overripe apples waiting to Fall
Hey Humpty Dumpty come sit on my wall
All around, all around
we’re all just hanging around

I waited on destiny to give me a call
Each hour I waited made me feel small
Roll baby roll like an old kick ball
All around all around
we’re just rolling around

Just hanging around, letting Jesus down
Pictures of birthdays hanging around

When we’re in the graveyard where night crawlers crawl
With a junkyard of engines that do nothing but stall
We’ll talk about stars in a slow southern drawl
All around, all around
All just hanging around

Like pictures of birthdays in the sky looking down
All just hanging around